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Mining Tools

GASICO supply premium quality tools made by the best brands as well as WLS, Atlas Copco, Varel, JSC, Ingersoll-Rand, Mitsubishi.


WLS Drilling Products

Nobody can find any advertisement about WLS on the nets, why? because WLS (TDS) has just focused on the quality and with a premium quality no need to advertise!

WLS (TDS) is professional on tailor-made mining tools and has long term contracts with most of biggest Iron Ore, Copper and Gold mines in the North & South America, Australia, South Africa.

WLS (TDS) bits are developed through a coordinated interaction between WLS technical staff and the end users. They have conducted extensive studies of drilling applications across North America, Mexico, South America, Australia and South Africa. These are the major mining areas in the world that provide the opportunity for rapid testing and dull bit analysis. WLS (TDS) can make site-specific evaluations and apply appropriate design modifications to suit specific drilling applications.


GASICO Ranking

Based on the costumer feedbacks, GASICO strongly recommends using:

  • WLS (TDS) Tricone bits for rotary drilling on Iron Ore and Copper open pit mines.
  • Varel Tricone Bits for rotary drilling on Coal and Gold open pit mines
  • Atlas Copco for Down The Hole Drilling Tools
  • Sandvik for Top Hammer Drilling Tools
  • Mitsubishi Bits for Top Hammer have highest quality but with highest price.

Industrial Tools

GASICO supply industrial tools such as Air motors, Winches & Hoists, Hammers, Drills, Cordless Tools from the best well-known brands as well as Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, Makita and etc.

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